Diffraction by Mitch Payne

Diffraction: A modification which mild undergoes particularly in passing by the sides of opaque our bodies or via slender openings and during which the rays look like deflected; additionally : an identical modification of different waves (as sound waves) or of shifting particles (as electrons). Visit Mitch Payne

Atacama by Reuben Wu

In late 2011AD, I spent a number of days and nights exploring the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on Earth. The sunshine is spectacular as soon as the solar units, and in the dark turns into a chic playground for a lone photographer. Visit Reuben Wu

Visions/Hyper-reality/Suburb …

I went by means of the neighborhood of my childhood. I made a photographic assortment of reminiscences/visions I’ve of those locations and the unusual sensation of already-seen suburbs. And a putting feeling, that the truth are so naturally surreal. I had the pressing want to start out photographing these so widespread place however cover in(…)

Klô Pelgag by Benoit Paillé

Work commissioned for Klô Pelgag a youthful singer/artist / musician / songwriter, we have now now improvised with kitch plastic flowers, ironic face second diploma humor and some of his favorite accent. Part of his universe in my photographic visions. For imaginative and inventive glowing smart artist. Visit Benoit Paillé

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